The Social Media Database

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the information available about Social Media? Would you love to be able to keep abreast of things?

Do you find you are constantly bookmarking sites, planning to find time to come back and read them one day, knowing you never will, yet in the back of your mind feeling that you may need to know that information some time in the future?

Imagine if you could afford to hire your own personal researcher to read, catalogue, remember and recall it all at will? Out of the question? Not any more!

The Social Media Database provides just that service for you. We are like your own personal researcher, keeping up to date with all things Social Media related. You simply login, search for the keyword topic you want to know about, and within seconds you have accessed hundreds of hours of research, sorted by topic and summarised down to just the bare information you need, no time wasted ploughing through long-winded explanations. Then if you want more information, there's a link through to a relevant website. It really is as simple as that.

The Database was born out of the same needs as yours, and once created, it became obvious that if it were useful for one person, it would be useful for many. For an annual subscriber fee of less than one hour of a researcher's time, you will have access to the database as often as you wish.

We will be constantly researching, always adding useful information, necessary information, or just interesting tidbits, creating a dynamic, ever expanding database of knowledge for you to tap into at will.

The Social Media Database is a wonderful tool for any business wanting to know more about using social media, for any person whose job it is to know about or work with social media, for bloggers, writers, journalists, producers, students, even stay at home Mum's who just want to know how to live stream their videos by mobile to their families, it'll be a great time and energy saver.

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